In this questionnaire you can tell us more about what we can do for you!

- Digitando team

1 out of 10Tell us about your work.

2 out of 10Do you already have a web page?

3 out of 10For what reason did you decide to create or refresh a website?

4 out of 10Can you list the crucial parts and elements that you would like your website to contain?

5 out of 10Do you have a list of reference pages that represent the direction/style/complexity you want to achieve? What do you like about them?

6 out of 10Do you have all the content you need to create a website? If not, do you think you need support defining or creating content for the website?

7 out of 10 What functionalities or special technologies do you want your website to contain?

8 out of 10Do you know what search engine optimization (SEO) is? Have you considered doing SEO optimization for your site?

9 out of 10 Do you need website hosting services?

10 out of 10 Do you need monthly maintenance?

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